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Mountain Woodlands

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Welcome to Mountain Woodlands!

After days of walking, you have finally reached the mountains. In the bleak, cold wasteland, you spot a large clump of trees. Behind the trees there are woodlands stretching up the mountain a little. Deciding that would be a good place to camp, you head towards it.

A squirrel suddenly leaps in front of you. He bradishes a small dagger. "Friend or foe!"

"Friend!" you yell quickly. The squirrel puts his dagger away.

"Okay then," he grins, "Come with me!"

Into the woodlands you go, to a large settlement of treehouses and huts. The squirrel dissapears, lost in the crowds.

"Hi." Another squirrel, female smiles at you. She is about two months pregnent and has a wedding ring on her paw. "I'm Martina, founder and leader of Mountain Woodlands. He," she points at the squirrel who brought you, "is Rufe Reguba-Swiftflight, my husband and adopted father of that otter over there. The one that fell out a tree. Sorry, must dash!"

As she runs off, yelling at two dibbun otters and a squirrelbabe who are jumping on Rufe, you decide to explore...

Enjoy your stay at Mountain Woodlands!

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