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Read this regularly to see whats going on.

Back now!


Martina is away for the next week. If you try to contact her, she cannot reply, update or even read it.

October 10th 2002:-)
New member! Thankees Lavender Strangeeyes! Hopefully got the Nameday activity up - Tripod might not let me update again. *grinds teeth together* Ah well. =P

Martina Songflower and Rufe Ruguba-Swiftflight were married on Saturday 3rd August. Just thought you'd like to know:D

28 October 2002
YAY! New member!!! *does happy dance* Thanks to Shane Elbass for joining!
I also changed my email to This means I can get emails quicker. Yay! =P

Martina is expecting a baby! Will it be a boy or girl?

Thanks for coming!