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Fuffle escapes bath


Yesterday baby Fuffle ran halfway around the Abbey in a desperate attempt to escape a bath by Mother Mellus.

Little Fuffle, a squirrel dibbun, hadbeen rolling in mud and climbing trees. She was covered in mud from ear to tailtip. When Mother Mellus saw her, Fuffle realised that she was in danger of a severe scrub and ran straight into Great Hall. Unfortunly, Abbess Song was at the entrance to the DAB, with Gonfflets ear in one paw and Chuggers earin the other paw. Fuffle leapt onto AbbessSongs head, causing her to free the ringleaders of the DAB. By this time Mother Mellus had caught up with Fuffle and managed to grabher round the middle. Run!Fuffle yelled to Gonfflet andChugger. Luckily, Fuffle was extremelly slippery from all the mud and leaves on her tummy. She slid from between Mother Melluss paws and (using her head as a springboard) leapt over the big badger in what she later called a very long jump. 

Fuffle ran into Cavern Hole, heading for the dormitories and cloisters. She managed to get into the dormitories and was hurtling down the stairs when Fuffle saw Abbess Songs dormitory door open. She carried on running to the end of the stairs and pretended to be turning the corner. Fuffle then climbed the wall and dug her claws inbetween the big stones. Luckily, Fuffle is the same colour as the bloks of sandstone that our Abbey is made of. When Mother Mellus had passed, Fuffle ran into Abbess Songs dormitory and under the bed. She stayed under there for hours until Mother Mellus went off in search of more dirty Dibbuns. I was talking to Fuffle yesterday and she was still covered in mud!  "It was vwery scarwy. I was vwery nwerly gwived a bwath!"

Fuffle has been awarded 45 Candied Chestnuts for her brave escape. Unfortunly, Fuffle was caught staggering under the weight of her Candied Chestnuts. She was scrubbed until she was completely mud-free. 


Reported by Craklyn Squirrel    





Win enough Candied Chestnuts to move up a rank in DAB!


Who can eat the most trifle? Without spoons or forks or knives or ladles or paws that is!

Anybeast who is interested should give their name, rank and Candied Chestnut amount to Gonfflet, Chugger, Craklyn or Fuffle. If you have any questions then ask Craklyn or Fuffle, theyre organizing it.

First round: Sunday 24th March

Second round: Monday 25th March

Final: Tuesday 26th March





Food Carrier needed to take food to Gonfflet. Preferably squirrel. Must have very good balance.

Payment: 10 Candied Chestnuts per meal carried. If interested, please talk to Chugger and either he, Fuffle or Craklyn would be happy to give you a trial.




Gonfflet would like to know everybeasts Candied Chestnut amount because our records have gone haywire and we cant find your CandiedChestnut amounts anywhere!

Can you come a group at a time tomorrow in this order:

Slippery Sneaks

Pesky Pack

Giggly Gang

No-bath Bunch





There is a girls only day (thank you Craklyn!) on Sunday 1st April. More details closer to the date.                                 






On Sataday, some champion Dibbun boat-racers, raced their champion boats against each other in an attempt to gain the title of Bestist Most Brillentest Boat Racer in Redwall Abbey.

In 1st place was Rufe Brush

In 2nd place was Gonfflet

In 3rd place was Tammo




All meet at the tent for a secret meeting. If you have any ideas for bath, bed or dishwashing avoidance then write them down so you dont forget them. (If you cant write then go see Craklyn, she likes it).

2 oclock tomorrow.





Our next mission is to be discussed at the meeting at the tent. We need a squirrelmaid and a mousemaid to play the main parts in our play. If you are interested then please ask Fuffle for a place in the audishuns. The two who are chosen must be good actors. There is also a lot of other parts, so if you are interested then tell Fuffle.   



We have had lots of letters lately, mostly about new ideas for escaping baths, beds and dishwashing. If you have any ideas about escaping, please save them for the meeting tomorrow.


Dear Daily Dibbun,

I have a great idea for escaping bathtime, bedtime and (if youre lucky) dishwashing. For escaping baths, just run for it until you reach the orchard and then climb a tree. You may have to stay up the tree for quite a long time but after a while Mother Mellus will go off in search of more dirty Dibbuns. For escaping bedtime, just pretend to go to bed and sneak out when the elders have gone. For dishwashing, well, youre on your own for that one, especially if youre being watched by an elder.

           From Piknim



To the Daily DiBbun,

I Have A good way to escApe bed.YOU justrun away when everyone is goned then meet up with yore fend somwear.  



Thats all the letters we have space for

today but tomorrow we will have more.







Editor: Craklyn Squirrel


Reporter: Craklyn Squirrel


Compilation: Fuffle Squirrel