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Hyperfurre's online diary
Daily Log Page for 1/1

Hi! This log is for Martina S. Reguba, Fuffle Squirrel, Lilacia Icebreeze, Talia Firefur and Tabby the gryph.

My First Topic

What will I write about on my weblog? A wide variety of things. There could be postings about my reactions to a movie or TV show I saw. I might weigh in with my opinion of a presidential election or a world event. Or I might recommend a restaurant I've gone to, and include detailed directions or a map to it.

My Second Topic

Some of my postings will be more personal. I'll write about my job or my family, or describe a trip or vacation that I took. Where appropriate, I'll also include pictures and sound to help you get the "full experience."

Gondolas in Venice; Size=240 pixels wide

Here's a picture I took on a recent trip.

We hope to update this page often with new photos.